Spay/Neuter Program

The HSLC would like to thank the NY ASPCA for a $3,000 grant. These funds will allow us to help with the spay/neuter of animals.

THE SPAY/NEUTER INCENTIVE PROGRAM (SNIP) is the backbone of the HSLC, as we believe in the protection of our furry friends from overpopulation.

Membership is required to use the spay/neuter program. After receipt of membership and spay/neuter applications a voucher, valid for 60 days, will be issued to you. Upon receipt of the voucher, an appointment can be made with a Livingston County vet for the surgery. Veterinary offices participating in the program will accept the voucher and deduct the amount allotted from your bill. For veterinary offices not participating in our program, please mail in your voucher, a copy of your itemized, paid bill to HSLC for reimbursement from the Humane Society.

Our voucher information can also be found by contacting Dog Control.